Morgan Knives

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Morgan Axelsson and I am a Swedish custom knife maker. I live on the east coast in the south of Sweden, in a place called Bockara. In this small countryside village I do all my creative work, inspired by nature and people around me.

During the day I work as a welder and body sheet metal worker at the Scania cab plant in Oskarshamn. I have been doing that for 15 years, it’s something I enjoy. My hobbies include fishing, music and motorbikes, but what keeps me busy most of the time is making custom knifes.

My interest in custom knife making started when I was 15 years of age. My uncle brought home some cool knives that he had bought. One of them was a large matt black knife used by American soldiers. Then and there I decided to make my own knife and I bought some material from a catalogue. It eventually became a knife made of curly birch inlaid in walnut and cherry with a factory-made blade.

In 1998 my interest was re-awakened when a local club for custom knife makers was established in my region. Once again I felt the desire to make knives and for the first Knife Making Championships I managed to create two knives that I competed with. I was both surprised and proud when I managed to win 1st prize! Since then I have continued to make knives and I have participated in various fairs and competed on different levels. Custom knife making is for me the perfect way to express and develop my artistic thoughts and ideas.

Being able to create something with my own hands that other people appreciate and think is beautiful is the primary driving force in my custom knife making. To be able to constantly develop my skills and design is yet another reason why I never get tired of making knives. I hope you like my craft and keep coming back to check out my ongoing work here at my website.